Charitable Giving

Course Description and Objective: 

In this course we will explore gifting and charitable contributions both during one’s lifetime and as a legacy. We will discuss strategies that allow you to maximize your gifts and tax advantages such as various trusts, insurance, and leveraged investments.  We will also discuss the benefits and hurdles of using a foundation or legal entity to complete your gifting. Most importantly, we will compare and contrast the different methods and the types of funds that should be used when gifting. No matter how much you give or if you are exploring the desire to do so, this course will be both beneficial and enlightening.


  • What is Charitable Giving?
  • Psychology of Giving
  • Concerns and Giving
  • Gifting Tools and Techniques
  • Estate Planning Tools
  • What Can I Give and How?
  • Timing of Gifts – Now or Later?
  • Tax Advantages of Gifting
  • Plan Your Gifting