Cybersecurity and Your Money

Course Description and Objective:

Our senses have been heightened to the constant attacks to steal, scam, and access our money and identity. Whether it’s a full-on malware attack or a phishing scam that has caught you off guard, the result is often the same.  In this course we will bring to light the most recent scams that are being perpetrated against people to access their money. We will share some of the materials that are being taught in current day training to broker dealers, investment firms, and banks to prepare for breaches.  We will use examples of real investigations to highlight current trends and how you may protect yourself. Remember, we must be diligent every time, but the criminals only have to be right once.  Explore what you can do to stay safe in the world of cyber security. 

  • Information Security
  • What’s at Risk?
  • Types of Scams
  • I’ve been Hacked!
  • Questions to Ask
  • How to React
  • Steps to Protect
  • Future of Cybersecurity