Giving to Your Grandchildren

Course Description and Objective: 

Gifting to your grandchildren, or other family/friends, can be both rewarding and overwhelming.

The concerns about how much to give, how to give it, what it can be used for, and maintaining some control can dissuade people from gifting. We also need to consider the emotional issues of blended marriages, potential giftees who lack financial responsibility, fairness, etc. We will explore the issues with gifting to minors or transferring control of gifts. Learn about the rules of paying direct tuition and expenses. The trend is increasingly focused on gifting while one is alive, not just about trusts that control “beyond the grave.” This is a positive course about family experiences and making gifts more long lasting.

  • Reasons for Giving
  • The Grantor
  • Methods of Giving
  • Timing
  • Control
  • Taxes
  • Implications