Secrets of Paris from a Francophile

Course Description and Objective: 

Join us in a course to explore the secrets and nuances of one of the best cities in the world … according to Dan Zagata! As a self-diagnosed Francophile, Dan has spent a cumulative 3 or 4 years in Paris and return 2-3 times every year. So why does Dan do it?!

We will scratch the surface of the city’s history, layout, and distinct neighborhoods. Most importantly, we will study the thing that makes Paris so amazing: the elusive and misunderstood Parisian. French culture is well studied, but make no mistake about it, one is Parisian before they are French.

This interactive course will be filled with stories, experiences, and developments that have occurred over Dan's last 20 years of Paris travel. Please join and share your experiences and let’s put Paris under a microscope as we dive into her most interesting lifestyle. Do not hesitate to journey with us even if you have never been to Paris, were there once 30 years ago for 1 day, or if you love it just as much as Dan does, since everyone is welcome in Paris.

  • Modern Day Parisians
  • Parisian Mindset
  • Myths and Stereotypes
  • Modern History of Paris 1780-The Present
  • Key Dates
  • How to View History in Paris Today
  • Cultural Feel of Modern Paris
  • Arrondissements 1-20
  • Paris in a Couple of Days